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Privacy. Freedom. AI. It's Elsi.

Voice Assistant
you can trust!


Your privacy is our #1 priority

That's why Your voice is not being recorded or stored by us and is not sold to third-parties.
We also do not have ads and recommendations in our apps nor websites.
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Main Features



Battery is in use

Battery Animation

Battery status

Ask "Elsi, what's my battery status" to receive a resume if your device is charging and percentage on it

c / * 7 8 9 - 4 5 6 + 1 2 3 0 00 . =

Voice Calculator

Elsi can evaluate with different math digits (+, -, *, Γ·) and floats (0.1, 0,58), as well as with usual numbers (245, 63) at the same time


Open websites

Say "Elsi open websitename.com" to open a website of your wish. Elsi is also capable to open translate.com, Google Translate, Bing Translator, YouTube, YouTube Kids and Google Classroom, Google Maps

Screen Resizing Animation


Change brightness and volume by saying
"Set volume/brightness to 30" or
"Increase volume/brightness by 40"
"Decrease volume/brightness by 15"

Download Voice Assistant Elsi!

Current version V23.0.1


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