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61! new feature

version 2021 (21.10.1)

Now you can say "Elsi + command" (without calling Elsi first)

Added new feature - "wake me up" ("Elsi wake me up in 15 minutes")

Voice calculator was updated (Now Elsi can evaluate with different math digits (+, -, *, etc) and floats (0.1, 0,58, 245,63) at the same time)

Notifications were added (to notification bar)

Now when Elsi speaks it's louder than other apps

Now you can open any website - say "Elsi open"

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When microphone is off Elsi will open settings to help you turn microphone on

Added new feature (game) - you can say " Elsi choose random letter"

Say "Battery status" and Elsi will tell you how many percents left and if your PC charging or not

Added new commands "Network status" and "Internet status" which will show Internet status and speed

Music lists were updated

Fixed bug when printed one film and played another

Added command "Enter full screen" (When you need to open full screen view for example in YouTube)

Added command "Hide window" and "Minimize window" to hide it

V21.0.2 👇

V21.0.4 👇

V21.1.0 👇

V21.3.1 👇

Added new jokes

Added new commands: 'scroll page' or 'start page scrolling', 'open Windows Ink Workspace', 'open Run Command', 'show tray (hidden) icons', 'open Project settings', 'show (open) Quick Link Menu', 'show (view) open(ed) apps', 'open Windows Start Menu', 'snap app (window) to the left (right)'

V21.4.1 👇

Changed font style and font size

Added command 'Maximize window'

Fixed bug with "No required files" error

Added some answers for new questions

Fixed bug when text was not written in English

Added new command to search films - "I want to watch ..."

Fixed freeze when application starts

Added few more new commands

V21.5.1 👇

Added "Roll a dice" game

Added "Open Elsi" in Tray Icon

Added commands "Open File Explorer", "Open Settings", "Open Volume Mixer", "Open Task Manager", "VPN settings", "Open Magnifier"

Added commands to open in Browser - "Open Classroom", "Open Translator"

Added programs to open - "Firefox Developer Edition", "Tor Browser" (that was hard), "QT Designer", "VLC", "kdenlive", "Excel", "Netflix", "Paint", "Paint 3D", "Adobe illustrator"

Added command "Show Connections" (this will show Bluetooth and other wireless devices)

Now you can ask about temperature in other country (What's the temperature in Spain?)

Added command "Reload page" (in the browser)

V21.0.3 👇

Fixed bug when the program did not start because the required files were not found

Added link to website for downloading required files

V21.0.5 👇

Elsi alarm was upgraded - now (for addition to old one) you can say only hour, without minutes (for example - set an alarm for 12 oclock)

After search in Wikipedia, if page was not found then Elsi will continue search in internet

Added new command - "Shut down my PC (laptop, computer)"

V21.1.1 👇

Now applications will always start

V21.1.2 👇

Added commands 'Elsi tell me a tale' and 'tell me a fairy tale'

Added new commands: 'open clipboard', 'open action center', 'open Emoji panel', 'lock device', 'display (or hide) desktop', 'create new folder', 'switch between apps', 'open notification center'

Updated reminder and timer

If the shortcut already exist, then a new one will not be created. (on the desktop)

If You ask Elsi to create directions TO some place without FROM point, she will use IP of your provider

Added new commands: 'switch to the left (or right) virtual desktop', 'close virtual desktop', 'create new virtual desktop', 'show task view', 'open Windows Search', 'maximize (or minimize) all except active window', 'restore minimized windows', 'minimize all windows'

V21.9.1 👇

Changed greetings text

Inreased accuracy of commands

V21.10.1 👇

Major design update

Application is now scalable

Fixed bug in "What can you do command"

Increased Elsi speech speed

Added 'Microphone' image and description for it

Added command "Thanks God"

Clarified text about "movies" commands


Elsi 2021


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Questions & Answers

Your assistant is starting and loading, please be patient! Sometimes it can take up to 1 minute for the first start

That's because you have slow internet connection

You need to open Task Manager, find "Elsi" there and end task

First of all you need to Download it. Then start it, it may take up to one minute. When Elsi started say "Hey Elsi". You will hear the answer. Now ask your question. Full list of commands


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